DAS Distribution Inc. has been a leading supplier of SUNX Factory Automation & Measurement Sensors for over 15-Years. At DAS Distribution Inc. our sales team and sensor specialists are uniquely qualified to help solve your application challenges with diverse industry experience in; Semiconductor Industry, Material Handling, Plastics, Food Processing, Packaging, Pharmaceutical, Robotics, Automotive, Food & Beverage, Electronics and Sensor Parts Assembly.

Our engineers will assist you in designing and specifying the most cost effective, ideal sensor solution platform, which will help you achieve your manufacturing automation objectives and enhance your productivity, product quality and profitability.

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Reflective Type
Flexible Fiber Sensor
PDF File - 183KB

FT-E_, FD-E_
Ultra-small Diameter Fiber Sensor
PDF File - 213KB

Flexible Heat-resistant Fiber Sensor
PDF File - 333KB


Narrow Beam Top-sensing Type Fiber Sensor
PDF File - 327KB

Narrow Beam Side-view Type Fiber Sensor
PDF File - 297KB

Slim Body Analog
Fiber Sensor
PDF File - 472KB

Slim Body High-speed Fiber Sensor
PDF File - 738KB

Digital Fiber Sensor

PDF File - 3,829KB
New FX-301 Instructions

High-functional Digital Fiber Sensor

PDF File - 728KB

High-speed Digital
Fiber Sensor
PDF File - 780KB

Highest Level of Stability and Sensing Performance
PDF File - 780KB

Manually Set Fiber Sensor
PDF File - 1,140KB

Slim Body Automatic Sensitivity Setting Fiber Sensor

PDF File - 591KB

Bank Selection Unit
PDF File - 578KB


Slim Body Digital/Auto/Manual Setting Fiber Sensor
PDF File - 2,045KB


Color Detection
Fiber Sensor
PDF File - 497KB


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