D.A. S. Distribution, Inc. announces the new Takikawa powered TM-DSS high speed (500kHz) PC based 360 degree all circumference defect detection, defect measurement and wire surface roughness analysis system that provides 100% reliability for continuous process operations at line speeds of 2000m/min and greater. Utilizing the new Takikawa TM 503W Sensor, which features the industry's first 100um advanced optical comparator slit detection technique, combined with real time proprietary DSP defect recognition algorithms

The system assures that defects <20um in length can be reliably detected as well as accurately characterized by defect type, plus measured precisely to within + 5um accuracy. TM-DSS system detects bumps, neckdowns, splits, frays, contamination and inclusions and is ideal for wire, cable, glass rods, catheter tube, fiber, thread and many more.

The new system also incorporates fail-safe detection algorithms which monitor sensor and system health and performance to ensure continuous detection integrity. In addition, technical advances have been incorporated to include on line wire roughness measurement which can be helpful to monitor die health and ensure wire production quality consistency. Defect characterization allows users to identify specific defect types, date and time stamp the event and precisely located the defect within 0.1 mm. The TM-DSS system is equipped for statistical process control, and provides comprehensive electronic and hardcopy audit trail records and is TCP Ethernet, RS232, PLC and network ready, The system allows for maximum flexibility and cost effectiveness by being configurable to handle up four production lines simultaneously.

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